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                          These bespoke ceramic bowls are designed

                           and made entirely by Janette Fry in her

                           studio in Wimbledon. They are hand-thrown

                           on a wheel and painted with coloured slips.

                           They are then fired, glazed and fired again.

                           The  raised double spiral symbol on the side

                           of each bowl is the 'potter's mark' which

                           shows that it is a Janette Fry original.


The bowls are designed to look good together as a collection, although the personal attention given to each individual bowl means that every one is slightly different and has its own unique personality.


‘ To own one of Janette Fry’s hand-made

bowls is to own a truly unique work of art.’


Janette's bowls make beautiful gifts which can be displayed and admired in any stylish home. They can also be used on

the table for dinner parties or in the garden for al-fresco dining. Indeed the pleasure of eating from an individually made bowl enhances the everyday and makes it extraordinary. The bowls are currently available in four sizes:


Large: A fabulous serving bowl for salads or vegetables which can also be used as a pasta bowl. You could even use it for tacos, surrounded with smaller bowls for dips.


Medium: Ideal as a breakfast bowl for a bright and sunny start to the day. It also looks wonderful filled with fruit salad.


Small: This snack bowl looks really special filled with olives or nuts and fantastic filled with jelly-beans or smarties, although they never last long!


Tiny: Really quite cute and useful for cherry stones, olive pips or balsamic vinegar.

© Janette Fry 2012